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i’m still pissed off about growing up

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i wanna get drunk and kiss a lot and not think for a while

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i had a pun about insanity but then i lost it

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when someone bring up sexuality


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if i ever get a horse im naming it lana del neigh

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*walks past the gym carrying extra large pizza*

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R.I.P. MSN, the only messenger that allowed me to send a giant unavoidable popup of a pig shaking his ass to funky techno music to my conversational partner if they were ignoring me

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do rude people know they’re rude

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Things of The Walking Dead - All We Do Is Run

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I'll answer 100% honestly.
Have you ever:
Right now, are you:
Do you:
Preference in boyfriend/girlfriend:
Would you:
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"I’m the nicest rude person you’ll ever meet, I don’t give a fuck about anything but at the same time I care about a lot, I hate people but I develop crushes easily, I hate myself but at the same time I’m completely fabulous."

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"if you like someone, just tell them!"

is the worst piece of shit advice you can give to anyone

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imagine all your online friends living near you

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if white people be like “white people be like” but i’m white and i be like white people be like “white people be like” then who’s driving the car

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